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Roger [Sandall] … was the first scholar to realise the implications of the fundamental difference between American and English notions of culture that had by [merged by the late seventies]. Yes, plenty of NZers were on the winning team, in all of the sailing, technology and organisational fronts. Just enjoy that. The first and worst reaction to losing was whinging. Something NZers are getting too good at when losing. Get your hand off it, people.

And the third was the almost instant leap into print from rent-seekers keen to continue having Team NZ on permanent welfare. Bollocks to that, I say. Put up your own dosh. Let them put up their own money to help their business out.

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And if politicians, like Trevor Mallard, want a place at the international sporting table, then let the bastards go out and get a real job and earn it. But do not, do nothave the cheek, the temerity, to demand that other NZers put their hands in their pockets to help you out.

On with some other things going on out there while you were otherwise engaged…. But their description of John Key might change your mind. Go on, take a guess. How many years on average? So much for Reserve Bank independence, eh? A signal to the Greens? If society as a whole--a nonsensical construct of course--is concerned about the well-being of low-wage workers why should shareholders in McD's, KFC etc. Simple advice for filling out the complicated STV voting for.

Okay, who has more economic power in the US -- rich business people or politicians? In his latest book, The Great Degenerationhistorian Niall Ferguson argues that the west is stagnating because of broken "institutions. Another story from the Law of Unintended Consequences. This is your future under Bernard Hickey. Oh, and careful of that mathematics.

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Jeff Sachs omits aid from things ending poverty. Are we really any wiser than we were five years ago? How can the Fed wean the economy from stimulus when stimulus IS the economy? The story peddled by mainstream economic commentators goes that the US Federal Reserve and its international cousins have acted boldly to prevent a second Great Depression by stepping in to support the banks and not coincidentally the government bond markets by printing trillions of dollars of ex nihilo money which, through the mechanism of quantitative easing, will mysteriously reflate the economy.

Yes, Dianne Feinstein, people have. Yes, you can both dispense justice and save money. Is hydraulic fracking for natural gas safe?

Yes, there is good news this week. Yes, Islamist attacks are universal. Yes, even a Marxist Muslim can make sense. Um, but what happens if do you lose the last decimal?Saturday, August 31, Fire in Columbia Pines was accidental.

The video below was shot by Columbia Pines resident Bob Kovacs :. Labels: firessafety. Bob Kovacs not only videotapes local concerts, he performs, too. The video below is from a lunchtime concert of country, pop, and novelty songs Kovacs presented Aug.

Labels: artsentertainment. Back to School Night schedule. With the return to school around the corner— public schools in Fairfax County open Sept. Annandale Terrace ES—Sept.

Beech Tree ES—Sept. Belvedere ES—Sept. Braddock ES—Sept. Labels: familiesschools. Old Columbia Pike at the Downing Street intersection. People on both sides of the speed hump proposal for Old Columbia Pike OCP presented their arguments at a contentious community meeting Aug. OCP residents in favor of the humps insisted they are necessary for safety reasons: Too many cars are speeding, which is a risk to pedestrians.

People who opposed the humps said other options would be more effective, such as stop signs or sidewalks. Labels: neighborhood groupstraffictransportation. Officials from both the Fairfax County code compliance department and the Virginia Department of Transportation are investigating complaints from neighbors about the Buddhist temple at Columbia Pike in Annandale. Among the complaints: trees cut down in front of the property facing Columbia Pike, potentially illegal changes to the property, and the operation of a business in a building zoned for residential uses.

Labels: land useproperty maintenancereligionVDOT. Developer cuts off water to year-old homeowner who refused buyout. The remaining holdout is Jeanne Simmons, a year-old former teacher who has lived in the development for 57 years. On Aug. She has no plans to move.

Labels: housingpeoplereal estateredevelopmentutilitieswater. Wednesday, August 28, Police search for missing Falls Church man. Scott Police detectives are searching for information leading to the whereabouts of a missing year-old man from the Falls Church area. Eugene M. Scott, of the block of Roosevelt Boulevard, was reported missing on Aug.

He did not show up for work, and his employer became concerned and called the police.It is important that one day when the so-called shit hits the fan — and I think the Fed is well on its way to creating that situation — you have access to your gold, that it is not taken away. Read More ZeroHedge. Bill Barrett Corporation, an independent oil and gas company, engages in the exploration, development, and production of crude oil and natural gas in the United States.

It principally holds interests in various properties located in the Piceance, Uinta, and Denver-Julesburg basins in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. The company was founded in and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. To review Barrett's stock, please take a look at the 1-year chart of BBG Bill Barrett Corporation below with my added notations: BBG had been trading in a sideways range for the last months.

During that period of time the stock had also been bouncing within a common chart pattern known as a rectangle. Rectangle patterns form when a stock bounces between a horizontal support and resistance. A minimum of 2 successful tests of the support and 2 successful tests of the resistance will give you the pattern.


Now that the stock has broken its rectangle resistance higher prices should follow. Volume would add validity, but that doesn't mean the stock isn't still going higher. Please share this article. Rent vs. US Weekly Economic Calendar.


If you're going to dance among the hedge fund elephants you better be nimble. That's the basic thinking of Allstartcharts. Parets as he tries to make money for his clients by trading shares of Herbalife HLF. The firm based its study on a combination of five factors: median home value single-family, three-bedroom homeunemployment, median rental value, institutional investor sales, and gross yield.

Solar activity is at a year low, and even though we were supposed to be in the midst of a solar maximum this year, our sun has been eerily quiet. So precisely what in the world is going on? There have been other periods throughout history when solar activity has been extraordinarily quiet, and those times have corresponded with periods of extreme cold.

That is a question that some scientists are now beginning to ask. Read More Activist Post. This commodity is almost guaranteed to soar now. The USDA is projecting record corn crops this year. This is a basic law of supply and demand. Supply is set to increase, yet demand will remain relatively stable… so prices fall.

This is how prices are supposed to work… but it's overdone. And corn prices are set to soar… You see, traders expect the rout to continue. But they are too bearish. The COT report shows the real bets of futures traders… folks that have real money at stake.Does it deserve any analysis for its shallowness, hypocrisy, and fallaciousness? Cloud implies that local-only proponents are false teachers, who start with a pre-conceived definition of church and then force it on every usage of ekklesia.

He buttresses that point by referring to three times in Acts 19 that the KJV translators translate ekklesia"assembly. However, the translation does more to damage Cloud's cause, since they translate it "assembly," because that's what ekklesia means. Of course, ekklesia is not always a "church," but that doesn't mean that it is anything other than an assembly.

Cloud shows his ignorance of Greek, when he says a meaning of ekklesia is "called out assembly. Called out to what?


To assemble. The original usage of the word was the citizens of a Greek city state called out of their homes to assemble for governing.

It still means assembly. Cloud says that local-only advocates say that "church" must always be used as an assembly, because that's what the word means. He says the Holy Spirit can adapt Greek words to mean something different than their standard usage in the first century. What he is saying is true in certain instances, but not in very many. Almost exclusively the word was used in the Bible the same way it was in secular literature.

In the case of ekklesiathis is true. It is always an assembly, which is why that word was used. We can easily see that ekklesia is used as an assembly. We don't have one instance of a usage that would have us know that it means anything different than assembly. Cloud doesn't give one in his article. Then Cloud states that Ephesians 2 could be referring to a spiritual church in heaven that is gathered there already, since believers are already seated in the heavenlies.

He writes: For example, Ephesians 2 says that every believer is made alive and risen from the dead and seated in heavenly places together with Christ Eph. If you look at the verbs in the Textus Receptus or the critical text for that matterthey aren't present tense verbs. They're aorist. None of them are present tense. So the kind of action of those verbs is not continuous.

When you make a theological point, a teaching, based on the verbs being "present tense," and they're actually not present tense, that really does undermine completely your argument. They are not said to be continuously sitting in heavenly places, as if you've got a functioning assembly already in heaven made up of all the saved people.

An obvious point is that you don't have the word "church" ekklesia appearing in Ephesians Cloud reads that into the text. There is no doctrine of the church there. Cloud starts then to answer questions about the church. I'll talk more about those later.

Posted by Kent Brandenburg at AM 16 comments:. Mark reads:. And many other things there be, which they have received to hold, as the washing [ baptismos ] of cups, and pots, brasen vessels, and of tables.


Many who reject the fact that the verb baptize necessarily requires immersion—a fact which is validated by the other 79 instances of the verb in the New Testament Matt11, 13—14, 16; —23; ; Mark —5, 8—9; ; ; —39; ; Luke12, 16, 21; —30; ; ; John —26, 28, 31, 33; —23, 26; —2; ; Acts ;41; —13, 16, 36, 38; ; —48; ;33; ; —5; ; Rom ; 1 Cor —17; ; ; ; Galas well as the lexica—argue that in Mark it is evident that baptize does not mean immerse. In the words of the scholarly but very theologically liberal—and so hardly biased towards Bible-believing Baptists— Hermeneia commentary:.Annie's Reading Room.

Today marks the beginning of our next book, Lead with a Story by Paul Smith. Experience is the best teacher, but a compelling story is a close second. Corporations are also recognizing the importance of telling stories. Storytelling is simple.

Anyone can do it. Storytelling is timeless. Unlike fads in other areas of management such as total quality management, reengineering, Six Sigma, or 5S, storytelling has always worked for leadership, and it always will. Stories are demographic-proof. Everybody — regardless of age, race, or gender — likes to listen to stories. Stories are contagious. They spread like wildfire without any additional effort on the part of the storyteller.

Stories are easier to remember. According to psychologist Jerome Bruner, facts are 20 times more likely to be remembered if they are part of a story. Organizational psychologist Peg Neuhauser found similar results in her work with corporations. She found that learning derived from a well-told story is remembered more accurately, and for far longer than the learning derived from facts or figures. Stories inspire. But you have heard people say that about stories. Stories appeal to all types of learners.

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Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners all benefit from stories. Visual learners appreciate the mental pictures storytelling evokes. Kinesthetic learners remember the emotional connections and feelings from the story. Stories fit better where most of the learning happens in the workplace. And the bedrock of informal learning is storytelling.To start off your Monday with a smile, we present our second installment of "Texts From a Lawyer" changed from Sunday's title "Texts from a solo-practitioner".

Our enterprising reader explains that "Lenny" is a solo-practitioner and Zoe is his sarcastic secretary. Labels: E-Filing. We have a new feature from a contributing reader: see below. It's week four in the NFL and in our survivor pool 17 players remain out of an original This has been a very competitive year.

This week, while we considered the home Titans over the Jets, the Colts on the road against the Jags the most popular pick in the blog pool we like the home town Saints on MNF to hand our Dolphins the first loss of their promising season. Based on the texts from a cat we posted on Friday, an enterprising reader has put together something that might be fun and if suceeds will be a semi-regular feature: " Texts From a Solo-Practitioner".

According to "Lenny"the texts will mostly feature exchanges between himself and his sarcastic secretary-Zoe. Here is the first installment:. Labels: NFL week four. It happens more that you might suspect. Sometimes the mistake is realized after a few moments. More troublesome is when the mistake is realized during opening statements or in this case, after the verdict. The defendant was convicted but when the mistake was brought to his attention, Judge Will Thomas did not shed a tear or waste a moment in declaring a mistrial.

The Herald story by Ovalle is here. Your Friday afternoon moment to laugh: Texts from A Cat. Read it. You will laugh. This Judge Thomas contretemps will not fade away. If Judge Thomas makes it on the federal bench we certainly hope that he remembers that his community- the lawyers of Miami Dade, united around his cause. Here is a petition you can sign on line asking Senator Rubio to send Judge Thomas to the senate judiciary committee for a hearing.Some of the best Italian food I've had in quite some time.

Labels:AlbanyDaily TravelsPhotography. Email This BlogThis! Do some Nightclubbing: Friday night in Williamsburg. Gates Brown - RIP. Shot by: Joel Meyerowitz.

Labels: Joel MeyerowitzPhotographySixties. The internet age ushered in the death rites of over 40 years of pop. Buy it here or here. For more visit Jeremiah's Vanishing New York. I had never heard of this musician before, and I thought, how could you NOT want to check out an album with a black man, dressed in a kilt, playing bagpipes for Atlantic Records in the mid-sixties? Harley, who passed away inthankfully was remembered by the folks who put together this nice documentary from I've been trying to figure out all day what to say here.

A lot has been going through my head since I first heard last September that Jim only had a year or so to live. Not only about Jim, but life itself. He had already been at the station for a few years or so.

He, like the other small "new music" staff at the time, all came from different backgrounds and areas of New Jersey. But our love of music brought us together. Many of the on-air personalities at at the station came and went over the years, but Jim never left.

He gave up his overnights for a handful of years, and for most of his tenure at the station, spent almost every Saturday night at the station, for the love of music and playing music for the tri-state area that HE thought EVERYONE should like.

I don't think he missed more than 5 shows before the beginning of this year. Jim did a lot not only for the artists he played, but built one of the most dedicated group of listeners and station supporters over the years.

All of Jim's shows were an pleasant adventure. Not only musically, but what Jim talked about and ranted about in-between the music. Of course I will miss this, but most of all I will miss the guy who did and said what he believed in.

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